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Monthly Archive for July, 2007

Sucker Punched

This Thursday I had my scheduled appointment to order prints from Simon’s photographer. With Dede Holman Photography, you don’t simply look at proofs and choose your package. No, you have to come in for an appointment to place your order after viewing the proofs online at home. When Dede explained this to me, I thought […]

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I have recently hired-and I can barely bring myself to type this-a regular babysitter and a cleaner. It’s something I feel very uneasy about, in fact I’m quite embarrassed, because doing so is an obvious mark of privilege. Now, in many important respects, I’ve always been privileged. I grew up middle class and white in […]

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Kissin’ Cousins

Yesterday, Simon had his first kiss, and, befitting his station as a Kentuckian, it came from a cousin. A second cousin once removed to be precise, so hardly scandalous. It happened at my Uncle Sam and Aunt Marcia’s house, where the greater Goldstein clan gathered for swimming, horseshoes, croquet, and a cookout. My first cousin […]

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