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Monthly Archive for May, 2013

Simon’s Greatest Goal

If there’s one thing Americans know about Soccer, it’s that it’s a low-scoring game.  It is not uncommon for a ninety-minute game to produce a single goal.  Think that’s bad?  Plenty of games end with no goals at all (or nil-nil, as we like to say), draws being perfectly acceptable in most matches.  Consequently goals […]

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Saved by the Ball

Well of course that’s how everything would work out. I should have guessed as much. Earlier in the year, Simon was stuck in a troubled triangle friendship. He and the one boy remained close friends and the other two boys remained close to each other, but Simon and the third boy were proving not to […]

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My Son, My Friend

There’s this parenting maxim that nearly everyone hears at some point. It goes like this: “You’re not their friend. You’re their parent.” Or, inversely, “My job isn’t to be your friend. You have lots of those. I’m your parent.” Parent or not, I’m sure you’ve heard it. You may have even said it. I’ve probably […]

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After my little chat with Mr. Sowder about Simon’s lack of assertiveness a few weeks ago, I got to thinking about Simon’s basic temperament and how different it is from most of his classmates. He’s always stood out—and apart—from many of his peers. That led me to see, on a whim, whether I could guess […]

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Free Cookies

Ever been shopping and found yourself suddenly overtaken with a strong desire for chocolate-chip cookies? Here’s how to get some for free, without waiting in line or—for that matter—without even having to ask. Take your 6-year-old shopping for his best friend’s birthday present. It’s really that easy. Here’s the scoop. The Lovely Caroline (TM) had […]

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Role Model

I’ve previously alluded to Mr. Sowder asking me to class to discuss Simon’s assertiveness. Or, rather, his lack thereof. When another boy in class or on the playground gets too rough with Simon, he dutifully says exactly what the school counselor taught him to say: “No. Stop. I don’t like it when you do that.” […]

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