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Monthly Archive for January, 2014


Yesterday on Facebook, a friend of mine launched what turned out to be a lengthy conversation about paying kids for grades. Her position was that kids should feel pride over grades and get a small reward, something like ice cream, but not be paid big bucks for academic performance. About a third of those who […]

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Check Your Assumptions at the Door

Right now, snow and unusually cold temperatures (go back whence you came, polar vortex) have combined to cause several school closings and delayed starts. It’s also school choice time, when thousands of families in Jefferson County fill out paperwork to select a public school for their child to attend in the 2013-2014 school year. If […]

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The Purge

Once upon a time, Matt and I used to read. Actually, Matt still does and I do sometimes, but neither of us is plowing through serious novels and important non-fiction like we used to. Also once upon a time, Matt and I were averse to the library. A weekend night frequently ended up in a […]

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Other People’s Parenting

Between the preschool, Brandeis, and various sporting leagues I have a chance to observe a lot of other parenting. Sometimes I get ideas from peers: I’ll never forget the day I watched Caroline’s dad effortlessly redirect Caroline and Simon when they were about 3 years old and realized I was making things harder than necessary […]

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Below Average

By now I’ve made it pretty clear that I hold my son in high regard. I think Simon is sweet, smart, and a surprisingly good athlete. I’ve copped to his being a picky eater and non-awesome artist, but many of my posts focus on his strengths. This isn’t one of them. Because good grief the […]

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