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Monthly Archive for June, 2013

Where Did All the Baseball Players Go?

If a sucker is born every minute, then Matt and I lay claim to our respective minutes of birth. About two months ago, as soccer at our recreational league was ending, we got recruited to sign up for and help out with baseball. Simon would be playing with R, a friend from school and old […]

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12 Days

That’s how long it took for Simon to be over summer, at least in some respects. I haven’t even had a chance to wrap up kindergarten (it’s coming, though), and he’s already missing it. How do I know? He’s told us, directly and indirectly. Saturday morning, Simon told me that he had awoken from a […]

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To yesterday’s post. It’s Wednesday morning now, and the tennis situation just got a lot less funny. Apparently, my infractions were even worse than I knew, as today I received a blistering email from The Nicest Guy in Louisville detailing and calling me out for my multiple rule infractions. The best line, “I feel like […]

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In case my humiliation as a student of tennis wasn’t enough, I’m now experiencing the humiliation of being a tennis mom. The wrong kind of tennis mom. How is that even possible? So here’s the deal. Last year, Simon took tennis lessons at two different places. The first place, The Louisville Tennis Center, is run […]

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The Way Back Machine

When people go looking to connect me to my family, I usually steer them to my mom’s side. The Kahn/Wolfson half of my family was prominent in my family’s synagogue, close with one another, and was anchored by a variety of extroverted store owners. Plus, I knew or know all of them and how we […]

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Hawk Watching

Twice in the past week, Simon has done something he shouldn’t. In both instances, I could have easily gotten angry and thrown a fit. In both instances, I chose not to because while the specific action was not OK, the motivation or thinking behind it was actually kind of awesome. I’ll start with the little […]

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