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Monthly Archive for April, 2013

Blast Off

Simon’s reading has officially exploded. Just before bedtime on Saturday night, he announced plainly: “I am a reading machine!” Screamed it even. And he was right. Simon is recognizing ever more words, is doing better at sounding out new words, and is just excited as can be about the whole thing. So excited that he […]

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What’s in a Name?

A lot, as it happens. Matt and I have joked for years that owing to the extreme brevity of our marriage ceremony, we suspect some guests question(ed) its validity. Similarly, we’ve had to clear up confusion when co-coaching Simon’s soccer team that we were paired up because, well, we’re paired up. Like, with papers and […]

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Old Soul

You know that dream you have where you are outside on familiar streets or inside a familiar building, but somehow can’t find your way? The streets or halls all seem to go on forever and don’t lead where they are supposed to, presenting a surreal and very frustrating version of streets and buildings you navigate […]

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Epistolary Friendship

When I first heard that kindergarteners are taught to write—not their ABCs, but actual thoughts and original ideas—I was skeptical of the entire enterprise. Kindergarteners writing? Was that really possible? I am no longer skeptical. In fact, I’m pretty blown away at how five- and six-year-olds can not only be so adept at penning their […]

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My Brother’s Keeper?

When Matt and I went to name Simon, we ended up with the name we did after several failed attempts to name after our grandparents. Finding no consensus in that direction, we landed on “Simon” for the simple reason that we liked it and thought it sounded good with “Whitworth”. In doing so, we inadvertently […]

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Reading Explosion

We’ve been waiting for a reading explosion for some time now. Off and on for nearly two years, Simon would sound out a word or two, maybe even string together an entire sentence or simple book, and Matt and I would say to each other, “It’s coming. He’s about to take off with his reading.” […]

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