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Monthly Archive for July, 2014


So there’s been something afoot in our house for the last six weeks or so that I haven’t written about: Cambria has been sick. One day in early May, Cambria gobbled up his dinner and then promptly thew it all up. I teased him for eating too fast, re-fed him, and forgot about it until […]

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Bad Mama

More than once, my mother has told me that I am a better mother than she was in certain regards, namely in patience. I appreciate it, even if that kind of praise slightly embarrasses and humbles me. Well, mom, this one is for you! Simon is at the University of Louisville soccer camp this week […]

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Soccer or Tennis?

Among friends and family, Matt and I have speculated quite a bit as to whether Simon would settle on soccer or tennis for his go-to competitive sport. It sounds silly, but he’s been playing both for over two years, loves both, is pretty good at both, and is encouraged by coaches at both. Odds are, […]

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Comic Relief

Relatively speaking, it’s been a long time with no blog activity. This is mostly down to being busy, being worried, and being itchy. But there has been some comic relief along the way, so stay tuned. The Busy Bits Last Friday was our annual July 4 party. Every year I am amazed at how much […]

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Spalding Soccer Camp

So my mom was hoping for a shot of Simon in his tennis camp tee. Instead I offer this group picture of Simon taken on the last day of Spalding University’s Youth Development soccer camp. I have been told that the University of Louisville soccer camp is the best thing since soccer itself. Other than […]

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