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Monthly Archive for January, 2015

Math Lessons

Last night, Simon and I sat down to work on math word problems. He was supposed to to learn the following: How to use addition to solve a problem; How to use multiplication to solve a problem; How to combine the two in to solve a multi-step problem. Instead, he learned this: It’s hard to […]

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The Limbic Lag

In a bit of irony that nearly drove me to tears, I got a note from Simon’s teacher last Wednesday that he has made a complete 180-degree turn in class. He is no longer shy, no longer hesitant to raise his hand out of fear of making a mistake, and is fully and fearlessly participating […]

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His Happiest Moment

Presented with parenthetical commentary by yours truly, Simon’s most recent school essay. My First Turniment Goal By Simon Whitworth Last weekend I went to a soccer tournament. (Or thee months ago. Same diff.) The soccer tournament was a 2 hour drive to Cincinnati with my mom and dad. The game was really early. The game […]

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Quotable 2014

I’ve made a real effort these past two weeks to clear off my literal and metaphorical desk so I can begin 2015 fresh. The end of 2014 was busier than most and left me with a disordered house and scattered mind. So in between cooking and cleaning and entertaining and visiting these past two weeks […]

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