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Epistolary Friendship

When I first heard that kindergarteners are taught to write—not their ABCs, but actual thoughts and original ideas—I was skeptical of the entire enterprise. Kindergarteners writing? Was that really possible?

I am no longer skeptical. In fact, I’m pretty blown away at how five- and six-year-olds can not only be so adept at penning their thoughts, but enjoy it, too. Tonight, after a three-hour joint play-date with KIP friend Gabrielle had ended, Simon and Caroline set to writing each other notes.

Caroline went first with an ode to their friendship:

Yes, Caroline, he does like you so much. In fact, I think you are his true best friend. Simon replied with a fond recollection of one of last summer’s highlights:

Simon loved his week at tennis camp with Caroline last August. Going to the pool afterwards was icing on the cake, and he’s hoping that the two can repeat the experience this summer. (I’m all for it; we just have to check schedules.)

So that was sweet, but now it was on to other matters:

Caroline will have you know that she likes dolphins. Further, they are NOT like sharks and they are fun. You can tell they are fun just by looking, right?

I wonder what was on Simon’s mind that he would want to share? No, actually, I don’t wonder:

Soccer is never far from his mind. Did he score the goal of the game in his soccer game? Well, Declan has some scorchers, but Simon did enjoy a left-footed goal into the right corner that was pretty sweet. I suspect, however, that he’s thinking of the shot he chipped over the goalie’s head.

After this, I tried to take the board from him and write him a note, but he wouldn’t let me. “I’m kind of like you, Mommy. I really like to write.” Plus, he had a very important memory from today’s FA Cup match between Man City (Matt’s team) and Chelsea (a Russian oligarch’s team, literally):

“I was scaired because I thought that it was going to penalty kicks.” And who wouldn’t be scared by that? He’s not kidding, either. When the game started to look like Man City’s to lose, Simon went and sat on the staircase and made whimpering noises.

Say what you will about his coping skills, his powers of self-expression are aces.

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