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We’re expecting!

Jessica at 32 weeksIn what now appears to be a boldly unoriginal move, Jessica and I have decided to join the baby bandwagon and are expecting our first child this October. The current due date is October 15, and so far all is going swimmingly. The prenatal tests have gone well, and the pregnancy itself has been very easy thus far.

Most of our family had given up on us, so our news was greeted with quite a bit of shock. The nieces are already planning to babysit (they “get paid extra if the baby is bad” according to Baby Whozit’s young cousin Olivia). My mother announced her plans to retire just as Jessica hit her second trimester. Jessica’s brother Steve is dying to add another boy to the family. My Aunt Barb will never forgive us if we don’t have a girl. And everyone has an opinion about the names we’ve been toying with.

More updates soon.

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