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Matt and I are very aware that pregnancy and new parenthood can make couples hideously self-absorbed. “We won’t be like that,” we promised ourselves. “We’ll talk about other things; we’ll remember the whole world doesn’t revolve around us; we’ll be better than those other couples.”

Or not. Yesterday dear friends in San Francisco called to check in on us. Mid-conversation, in an attempt to fulfill this pledge, I remembered that half of this couple is turning 40 this year. It’s a landmark birthday and something I had planned to appropriately celebrate.

So, I say, “Hey, this is a big year for you, too. You turn the big 4-0 this September, right?” Pause. “Oh my God, it’s October. We totally missed your birthday.” Worse still, Matt realizes he called a mutual friend during this person’s birthday party and still didn’t connect the dots.

This does not bode well for us, I fear. Next month our niece Olivia turns 8. Let’s hope we snap out of it in time to remember.

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