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Baby Shower

baby showerLast month, I had a baby shower hosted by my sisters-in-law Stacy and Tia. I was a little worried at the outset that my brand of humor (I did call Whozit a parasite at one point…) would not go over well with the shower crowd, but I shouldn’t have. One look at those cute hooded bath towels, blankets, Lamaze toys, bouncy seats, tiny socks, the basinette shaped cake, etc. and I was in total cooing over baby-to-be mode.

I expected to have fun at my shower, but not as much as I did. First of all, the little greed monster within could not help but be overwhelmed and delighted by the sheer volume of stuff I received. It took a couple of cars and a truck to haul everything home. But the real treat was realizing how much family Whozit is going to grow up with. Because I waited a relatively long time to have a baby, I always assumed my child’s extended family would be smaller than mine. Not so.

I counted three grandmothers, two aunts, four great-aunts, and several honorary aunts in attendance, most of whom are home full or half-time. And that’s not counting the grandfathers (two), uncles (three regular, two great, one great-great), or first cousins (four) who also also live within 20 minutes of us. Kiddo is going to have a full family life, and I couldn’t be happier to know there will so many people for baby to love and be loved by.

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