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Simon Update, Day 2

Simon is doing very well today, but he is still up in the NICU. The doctor has said that it is definitely amniotic fluid in the lungs.

5 Responses to “Simon Update, Day 2”

  1. dgoodwin says:

    Glad to hear Simon is hanging tough! I hope you all get to go home soon. Love, Diana

  2. Dad Unit says:

    glad to hear it is just the fluid, please let us know if we can help out with anything. I guess the past couple ‘o days have been a little stressful.


  3. KarenandHoward says:

    Congratulations and glad to hear Simon is doing better. We look forward to meeting him in person when he is ready. Best of health to the whole clan! – K&H

  4. jimsusan says:

    Happy about day two and Simon’s improvements as well as the good news about the fluid. We’ll keep checking in.
    xoxo j&s

  5. Ian says:

    Christine and I check in everyday and we are happy to see that little Simon is improving. We look forward to seeing pictures of him at home with his new parents. – Love I&C

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