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Everybody’s crabbin’ because I haven’t posted a lot of pictures up here yet.  Well, for most of the last week, Simon has either had tubes in his face/head or been Hulk-green from jaundice.  He’ll thank me for the lack of early pictures when he’s older.

But Zadie and Nana visited last night and they brought their cameras.  So here are a couple of snaps to satisfy you less literate visitors.



2 Responses to “Zadie and Nana Take Some Pictures”

  1. yunmao says:

    Thanks for the pictures! They are really beautiful. I feel like I’m standing next to you guys and I can feel Simon’s peaceful breath. He is such a
    strong baby, just like his mom and dad.

  2. dgoodwin says:

    He’s gorgeous! You two did good :)

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