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Today was Simon’s first trip to the doctor since, well, since Friday when he was released from the hospital. Kiddo went two full days without costing my health insurance plan a bundle. Thanks United! Please don’t drop me for being too expensive…

Thank goodness, today’s trip was a simple new baby check-in with his pediatrician, Mark Newstadt. Matt himself was a patient at this practice over thirty years ago when it was the Kaplan and Barron group, and he can remember sitting in the parking lot as a kid and wondering if there 26 letters in the alphabet, how many numbers were there? My own connection is through my Aunt Linda, who worked in the practice’s front office during the ’80s and dispensed untold amounts of sound (but unlicensed) medical advice during her tenure.

In an attempt to humble us for feeling smug about our timing (we fed Simon just in time to pile in the car and get home in time to feed him again), Simon urped up part of his lunch and blew out his diaper just when we got him in the carseat.

On the medical front, Simon checked out just fine. His bilirubin has continued to drop, all his basic parts checked out clear with the doctor, and he has gained two ounces since Friday. Best of all, he’s not due back to be poked or prodded for two full weeks.

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  1. patrickb says:

    Glad little Simon is doing well. Ah, the joys of the Blow Out…. You’ll probably notice that he’ll pick the most inopportune times to have his big BM, or major spit ups. Don’t worry, it’s a neonatal conspiracy in which all babies are involved and there’s nothing you can do, but smile, smile, smile. Hope to meet the critter next time we come to Louisville.

  2. kahootz says:

    I hope I didn’t wake you. This is Steve J.

    Congratulations. I’m overjoyed at your addition to the human population. I believe you guys were US populace #299,999,997,452. Missed No. 300,000,000,000 by that much.

    You call us when you’re ready for a phone call. I don’t want to interrupt a feeding, pumping, or napping. I know how frustrating that is.

    I can’t wait to see the little tax break.

    steve johnson

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