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Yesterday Simon hit another milestone. For the first time that I’ve seen, his crying was accompanied by tears. Previously, when he cried his body twitched, his forehead crinkled, and his wailed his heart out, but his eyes remained dry. Turns out new babies don’t have functional tear ducts for the first two to three weeks. Who knew?

Last night and again this morning Simon had a fussy patch and cried (Most recently when I attempted to put him in his/my new Maya Wrap for the first time). And both times I saw a few tears run down his face while he was wailing. It really makes the whole thing even more heartbreaking and me more desperate to calm him down quickly.

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  1. harriette says:

    Watch it, Jessica. The next milestone is that he’ll recognize that you’ll do anything to keep his cute self from crying real tears and then he’ll have you wrapped around his teeny fingers for life! Listen to me…as if I hadn’t walked the floor many nights and brought glasses of water and read just one more story

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