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As most of you know, Simon spent his first days in the NICU because he aspirated amniotic fluid, which resulted in irregular breathing.

His stay in the NICU ran five days and four nights. They did chest X-rays, had him on oxygen, ran antibiotics via an IV, had him hooked up to monitors, and did tests including a blood gas and blood culture. Then he spent two days under bili lights to clear up his jaundice. And of course, he was under the constant care of neonatologists and specially trained nurses.

The cost of this neonatal adventure? $16,000. That’s right, sixteen thousand dollars. Or as I thought when I saw the bill: “OH MY G-D, SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!”

Now I feel a credit card commercial coming on:

Price of premature breathing: $16,000

Peace of mind that comes from United Healthcare picking up the tab: Priceless.

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