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Mom Melts

For the last few days, Simon has spent much more of his time awake. (Soon we’ll post new pics where Simon is doing something other than sleeping.) There’s a downside to this, as I can no longer plan on regularly spaced two-hour blocks of time to eat, go for walks, run errands, clean, read, knit,etc.

The upside, of course, is that it’s more fun to look Simon in the eye than it is to simply watch him feed and sleep.

And the real payoff came late yesterday, when he smiled at me for the first time. I had just fed him, and he got fussy shortly thereafter (reflux I assume). So I walked with him for a bit, then sat with him facing me in the glider. His cries gradually softened, then stopped. And then, just when he would have drifted off to sleep only days before, he took some quiet alert time to look around the room, look at me, and then smile widely and show off his dimples.

I know Simon is too young to really be smiling at me. But I don’t care! It looked like he was smiling at me, and seeing those big blue eyes staring straight into mine when he broke into a grin made me absolutely melt.

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