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A brief ditty about new parents and the grocery. We decided to take Simon with us to Kroger this evening. He was bundled up in a light snowsuit, sitting in his carseat, and looking adorable. We enter Kroger and see that the carts with seats for kids are only appropriate for older kids. What the heck to people with infants do?  Dismayed, we decide to plop Simon, carseat and all, in the shopping cart. Brilliant. Except now there is no room for groceries. Now what? I know: I can carry one hand-held basket while Matt puts another on the bottom shelf of the cart. Now we’re ready!

Twenty minutes of uneventful shopping later, I dash off to grab something from the dairy case and spot them: TCTKMTY (The Couple That Knows More Than You). TCTKMTY is also at the grocery with an infant. Only theirs is perched in the car seat over the front bars of the cart and secured with the straps attached to the cart, thus allowing them to transport groceries and the child in a single conveyance. Genius! And Oh My G-d! — has everyone seen Simon plopped in the middle of our cart and thought we were idiots? Are we the laughing stock of the grocery?

I’ll worry about that later. In the short run, the goal is to figure out this feat and replicate it. So I told Matt about TCTKMTY and he stalked them, found them going about their business, and ambushed them for instructions about how to accomplish this bit of engineering.We’ll let you know if we can figure that out the next time, too.

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