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Enough about me. I also have some updates on Simon to post.

Simon is now just over 7 weeks old and I’ve noticed a few changes. He smiles much more often now–true social smiles that I just live for. And he’s also developed some new vocalizations. He now coos and spurts out some extended vowels and surprised gurgling sounds. It’s adorable. He serenaded his grandparents with an especially long “talking” session at dinner Monday night.

In other news, Simon’s reflux seems better since he’s been on the Zantac. The only downside is that he clearly hates the taste of it. So I always offer a milk “chaser” when he gets it twice a day.

And finally, ever interested in giving his mother (still shocked to use that word in relation to myself) something to worry about, Simon also has a mild umbilical hernia. These are common enough and are officially no big deal, usually healing on their own within a few months with no medical treatment. Still, it was a little wild to suddenly see his cute little outie belly-button button become a cute not-so-little outie belly-button. We’ll spare you all the pictures of that one!

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