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Little Night Owl

Like many babies, Simon sometimes gets his days and nights confused. Unfortunately, last night he and Matt both had upside down schedules and dragged me down with them.

It started when I awoke Simon from a three-hour nap to feed him at around 8:15. Frankly, he wasn’t that interested in eating. He got fussy–as he almost does at his 8-ish feeding, then settled down in time for his 10-something feeding, after which he stayed absolutely wired until he decided to eat again at midnight, after which he dozed lightly on again and off again until his 2-something feeding.

By 3:00 a.m. I had spent seven straight hours holding, gliding, dancing, and singing to Simon and was completely out of gas. So I rather guiltily put him in his swing and decided to wait him out. I went into the bedroom and tried to get started reading Born to Kvetch, checking on him every ten minutes or so. To my great relief, he finally conked out at 3:40.

Meanwhile, Matt was tied up on a “little work call” that was supposed to run from 9:00 p.m. until around 11:00 p.m. or so. Instead, things went terribly wrong and he didn’t wrap until around 3:45.

Needless to say, Matt and I were both bone tired when Simon woke up to eat at 6:30, and when we got up for good at 9:30 (me) and 11:30 (Matt) we both felt sluggish and crabby.

In contrast, Simon seemed to feel great today, and greeted me at 9:30 with a big smile and bright eyes as though he was reminiscing about a particularly fun night. If only his grumpy parents could keep up with him…

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