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End of an Era

For the past 10 weeks, Simon has slept in a sweet little Moses basket. It was a gift from my Aunt Leona to my sister-in-law Stacy before the birth of her daughter Olivia. Olivia slept in it for several weeks, as did her sister Madeline, brother Benjamin, and cousin Samantha after her.

Once Simon came along, the basket was passed on to me and Simon got to be the fifth baby to slumber within. The first week or so, he slept in the basket between our heads at night and we carried him around inside it during the day. By around the two to three week mark, we were brave enough to move the basket to the foot of our bed at night, and Simon was moved around in it less during the day. Sometime after his first month, we moved him out of our room and started putting the basket inside his crib. At about that time we also quit taking the basket downstairs with us; the little stinkpot weighed so much I was afraid he’d break it.

This morning, Matt and I finally admitted that the basket is too small for Simon and we took it out of his crib. Normally, I’d greet such a milestone with a few tears and a lot of reminiscing. How’d he get so big so fast? That’s been the pattern thus far, anyway.

But you know what? Simon has been a happy baby for a week straight. And last week was better than the week before. Some days have been better than others, but we’ve yet to have a day that taxed us as much as some during weeks 3-8.

I think the little guy is feeling better. He smiles all the time, he makes crazy noises, and we’re still this close to a real laugh. We’ve also settled into something that resembles a schedule and are enjoying more awake time together each day. So I’m OK with this milestone. Bring it on, Simon! Just don’t outgrow your crib too soon, OK?

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  1. phxmom2 says:

    I came across your blog today while googling “colic” — as the new mother to a 4-1/2 week old I have enjoyed reading your journey. I too suspect reflux and colic and have shared many of your same feelings. It is nice to see there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I will follow your Simon’s progress w/ hope & interest. Take care, Chris (mom to “fussy baby” named Brett)

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