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New Year, New Me

What a difference a year makes. Two even more so.

New Year’s 2005 Matt and I hosted a get-together in our San Francisco flat. I wore horrendously expensive jeans I bought at a North Beach boutique, an equally horrendously expensive top made by a local designer, and heels I got in New York City’s East Village that click-clacked across my hardwood floors all night. I made sushi for the party, we had about a dozen friends over, and we stayed up half the night. The next day I was exhausted and Matt was exhausted and quite hung over. It was a great time.

A year later, we had moved back to Louisville. New Year’s 2006 featured a simple dinner for six and several other friends stopping by afterwards. I can’t remember what I wore. Matt bought several bottles of champagne for us to sample. I made it to just after 1 a.m., but I spent the last hour curled up on the futon in our basement watching The Office and trying to look less sleepy than I was. I was exhausted the next day, and Matt was exhausted and slightly hung over. It was a good time.

This year, New Year’s was an even bigger shift. I wore corduroys with spit-up on them and never even got around to putting shoes on. We had my mom over for dinner and three friends stopped by afterwards. We consumed two bottles of champagne total, and I was sleeping like a baby by 12:20, having just barely made it to 2007 with my eyes open. And speaking of babies, I also had to excuse myself twice during the evening to go and nurse Simon. I felt pretty good the next day, as did Matt. No hangovers in sight.

And you know, it was still a pretty good time. We spent January 1 lounging about the Whitworth’s house, cozied up by the fireplace and eating leftovers from their huge New Year’s Eve bash. Simon had a great day napping first by their fireplace and then in the arms of a family friend. Evie and I went shopping for fake plants for my house and discounted Christmas stuff for my first tree next year. The guys watched Michigan vs. USC.

Hardly the life I had in 2004, but the one I’m ready for and am enjoying now. I’m feeling bullish about 2007 and look forward to all the domestic adventures that await. I just hope I’m not ringing in 2008 in sweatpants while drinking Crystal Light and tucking myself into bed at 10:00 p.m.

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