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A Month of Good Days

Simon & NanaAbout four weeks ago, Simon had two fussy days. He cried a fair bit and wanted to nurse all the time. It was textbook growth spurt behavior, and it didn’t shake me. I figured at the time it would last a day or two, and then I’d get my sunnier guy back for a week before tacking my next fussy day.

Then something unexpected happened. He didn’t have another fussy day. Fussy moments? Sure. Fussy nights? A couple. But all-out dawn-to-dusk hissy fits? Not a one. I started counting my good days. Then, before I knew it, I was counting my good weeks. Now I realize that Simon’s last bad day was four weeks ago today.

Wow. What an absolute amazing difference a month makes. I used to be on edge when Simon was awake, because I knew he might flip out at any moment. I rarely made it to the end of a book. Tummy-time was a literal flop. A stretch of good days was regularly punctuated by a bad one.

These days, Simon loves Bear Snores On, he likes just hanging out in bed with me and Matt at night and in the early morning, he enjoys his firefly toy, and he even supported himself during tummy-time a few days ago. He laughs a lot. He smiles like mad. I love playing with him, and I’m rarely on edge. If he gets crabby, I can almost always fix things by feeding him, holding him, changing him, or getting him down for a nap.

The only down-side to Sunny Simon is that I was just getting good at my five S‘s when he stopped needing them. When Simon was hysterical, I could Swaddle him, lay him on his Side, Shush him, give him a pacifier to Suck, and Swing him from side to side at the same time.

Now I have something in common with Java programmers, desktop publishers, and steel workers: I possess a highly specialized skill for which there is no local demand. I’ve been made redundant in my own home. Anyone have a hysterical newborn I can calm down?

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