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My Funny Valentine

Tonight Matt and I dressed Simon in his “Be Mine” shirt and “My first Valentine” pants and loaded him up to the Whitworth’s for dinner.

Here’s how I envisioned the evening: I was going to arrive at the house at around 5:00 or so, feed Simon, watch him melt down as by then he would have been awake for as long as he can go (three hours), and then get him to sleep. He’d wake around 8:00, and we’d repeat the process then. The night would be fine, but there would be little time for socializing.

Heh. Simon had other plans. He ate, and then he decided it was time to flirt. And coo. And smile. And laugh. And flirt some more. Naps are so for three-month olds, you understand. By evening’s end, my little guy had gone from a 2:15 feeding to an 11:00 p.m. car ride home with only a single, 45-minute nap during the entire night. And he was happy for the vast majority of that time too. He smiled for Grandpa. He smiled for Uncle Dan and his friend Jessica (who seems to have a knack for babies). He smiled for Aunt Bobbie. And he went positively gaga for his grandmother.

He also got very close to rolling over, nearly caught his feet in his hands, and “talked” our ears off. Simon was similarly active and delightful for his Bubbie yesterday. He’s still getting us up in the night, but he’s also clearly growing by leaps and bounds–socially and physically. His last two days may just be his best two ever.

So will I be his? You betcha. He had me at “aguh”.

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