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Catheter Fun!

Last Friday, Simon had a urine culture taken as part of his four-month check up. They found bacteria and white blood cells, meaning we either had a contaminated sample or Simon has a UTI.

So yesterday we repeated the operation. Unfortunately, we got the same results. Some bacteria. Some white blood cells. Can we come back in and try a third time?

Do we have a choice? Off we went again today to the Kaplan Barron pediatric group for our now standing date with Dr. Newstadt. Only today, it was time to “stop messing around” and make sure we got a clean sample. And that means catheter. Oh boy.

Simon was not amused. In fact, he screamed pretty good. Thankfully, though, the entire process was fast and Simon rallied as soon as they could get the tube out and I could pick him up and comfort him. Amusingly, Dr. Newstadt asked if I was OK.

Hey, I’m not the one who just had a catheter run up to my bladder. But assuming I was not giving a command performance of December’s lunatic mom matinee show, I can only assume that they get lots of lunatic moms. (Though I’m sure I looked somewhat agitated.)

We get the results tomorrow. If more bacteria and white cells are found, that will mean treatment with an antibiotic and lots of tests to diagnose and/or rule out kidney or bladder problems. As Simon has been in a good mood and does not have a fever, the bladder is the more likely culprit. Which is cool, because kidney troubles are much more serious potentially.

Results at around 11:00 tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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