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About three weeks ago, I sensed my fatigue was getting the best of me and worried about burning out on the job. I assumed then that not clearing out for band practice, allowing my shoulder to heal, and getting cleaning support would go a long way towards making me feel better.

Good call! I feel like a new woman in many ways. My shoulder is better, my mood is better, and my house is sparkling. Sweet relief! Quiet band practice is great. Simon and I now hang out upstairs and critique songs during practice, then come down afterwards and offer our unsolicted opinions. I’ve enjoyed not being hussled out of the house and changing my schedule on a whim, and my shoulder is much better now that I haven’t had to wrestle the car seat in the cold for a few weeks.

But the happiest change has been the clean house. It’s divine. My floors gleam. My microwave is now safe to use. My ceiling fans have been dusted. And all my baseboards, chair rails, and crown moldings have been damp dusted. I feel much happier, more relaxed, and productive now that I’m spending my days in a house that feels like a proper home.

And the absolute best consequence of this? Last week I got out my knitting needles for the first time since the night before I delivered Simon. It was true recreation, as opposed to distracted and stolen half-hours spent web surfing, and it also contributed hugely to my well being. I feel like my old energetic self again, and I assume I’ve been a sunnier presence around Matt and Simon, too. It’s good to be back. All hail The Maids.

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