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Well, you can’t look yet because we don’t have a picture. But about ten minutes ago Simon rolled over for the first time. Matt was giving him tummy time on the bed, which Simon was doing pretty well at given that we don’t do it as often or for as long as we should. He raised himself up on his arms with no help from us or from the mini bobby pillow about three times that I saw.

Then he began to look tired of the whole thing and was in a pre-fussy state. What I meant to say to Matt was “Go ahead and pick him up so we can end tummy time on a positive note.” I was interrupted, however, as Simon took matters into his own hands–and arms, legs, belly and torso–and flipped over on his own with seemingly little effort. It was a beautiful front to back roll. I give it a 9.9 and am over the moon that this first happened when Matt and I were both watching him. (I’m also delighted that this happened despite Thursday night’s blunt force trauma to the head. Whew!)

Simon knew he did something special, too, as we cheered him on afterwards and he smiled widely. So that’s it. The end of the era of knowing Simon will stay exactly where we put him.

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