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One may be the loneliest number*, and D minor may be the saddest of all keys**, but around our house “b” is clearly the crankiest consonant.

As Simon continues to play with consonants, we’ve noticed some patterns emerging. One is that he says a lot of “m” sounds when I’m around, probably because Matt is trying to coax a “mama” out of him. Another is that while “hey” remains his favorite word, he still gives himself the hiccoughs when he says it many times in a row.

But the one that’s the most noticable these days is the “b” of distress. Despite our attempts to make “b” a good letter–Bubbie! Baby!–we most often hear it when Simon is getting ready to fuss. It begins as a series of “em-buh”s, then hones in on the “b”, and finally turns to a trilled “bbbbbr” right before he commences to squall and language goes out the window.

Our new friend Lisa has hypothesized that since a trilled “b” can be a game for Simon, he may be making an effort at self comfort. Interesting and entirely likely, but also wholly unsuccessful if that’s the case. On the other hand, the cranky “b” is a handy sign for us that it’s time to intervene and ward off a full fledged fit. So maybe not so unsuccessful after all.

* according to Three Dog Night

**According to Nigel Tufnel in This is Spinal Tap

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