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Today Simon went in for his routine 6-month well baby check up. The relevant numbers follow:

  • Weight: 16 pounds, 6 1/2 ounces (35th percentile)
  • Length: 26 1/4 inches (50th percentile)
  • Head circumference: 17 7/8 inches (90th percentile)

Yup. Our guy is of average height. He’s a bit on the slender side. And has an ENORMOUS head. Simon’s head has always been on the big side, and lately I’ve noticed that many shirts sized for 6-12 months barely go over his noggin. And forget about it if the shirt doesn’t have snaps on the side or down the back. I’ve considered cutting him out of more than one! (My mother once did cut my brother Perry, who was blessed with a similar head size, out of a shirt.)

Thank goodness there is a long and glorious family history of Wolfsons having huge heads and being developmentally normal. Were it not for Grand-Zadie Lester, Bubbie, Uncle Perry, and cousin Nathan, I would have to seriously wonder right now if my guy was a high functioning victim of hydroencephaly. Instead, I like to think that he is thinking great big thoughts.

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