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On the Road…

Well, it’s been a pretty horrific few days over here, and tomorrow we test fate and take Simon on his first plane ride. Wish us luck!

Matt’s been working crazy hours — in fact, he’s working into the wee hours tonight — and Simon chose today of all days to not sleep. He woke up early from his morning nap. He woke up early from his afternoon nap. And he threw the mother of all screaming fits tonight. Worst I’ve seen him since those early and unlamented colicky days.

If I make it out the door with even half of what I’m supposed to, I will have the Whitworths to thank. They came over tonight to help me with Simon while I packed up all our gear. I’m sure I’m still going to forget something. I’m so tired now I can hardly focus to type. This post is only happening because I’m moving things around in my work inbox and that takes time.

Tomorrow we land in Oakland, where I hope to see many of old friends, meet many new babies, and get some much needed R&R. Look for some cute pics (I hope) and tales of being on the road with a seventh month old shortly.

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