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Welcome Kira!

Miss Kira

Miss Kira

Yup. Another baby. For those who are counting, that’s the fifth we have announced this year thus far. And we’re not done yet, as one of our dear friends-one of the few who did not have a baby in 2006 or early 2007, announced she was pregnant on our trip to San Francisco last month. She’s due in December, so 2007 will also yield a bumper crop of babies.

But on to the baby at hand. Baby girl Kira Lorie was born Sunday, June 17, to my good friend Tyrrell. Tyrrell works in production at Addison-Wesley, and is so nice that when she writes to tell you that your author stunk so bad he (and it’s almost always a he) nearly made her quit her job, will publish late, and the book will stink despite her best efforts and extra time, she still manages to get a smiley face in there somewhere. It’s amazing.

Even more amazing is the parallel with fellow Addison-Wesley friend Joan. These two got engaged within two weeks of each other. Got married within two weeks of each other. And now have babies born exactly two weeks apart. Maybe Malcolm and Kira will get married one day…

Tyrrell and Tom’s bundle of joy came with long hair and weighed in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces. A hearty welcome to Kira, who I’ll look forward to seeing in Boston this September, and congratulations once again to Tyrrell and Tom!

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