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In the past week Simon has added two new tricks to his arsenal, both of which have occurred when I was not around. Given that I’m around 99% of the time, I’m beginning to think Simon knows what he’s doing in this regard and is out to get his mama for some injustice I have committed against him. Perhaps it’s revenge for all those times I’ve wiped his face when I know how much he hates it?

Two days ago, during a game of peekaboo (we play devastatingly sophisticated games over here), Simon threw his blanket toy over Matt’s face, waited for Matt to say “where’s Papa?”, grabbed it off his face, and laughed. I’ve seen him cover his own face, but never anyone else’s. I find this development charming and cool. It has, however, yet to be duplicated. So perhaps Simon was simply confused and threw the blankie over the wrong head.

Then last night, while I was away at my Aunt Leona’s surprise 60th birthday party, the Whitworths came over to watch him and had a little party of their own. The report is that while Uncle Dan juggled, Grandma and Papaw clapped for him. Nothing new there other than the juggling part; Matt and I, uber klutzes both, could never hope to juggle. What was new is that by the night’s end, Simon was clapping himself. And not just for Danny! From what I’ve heard, he clapped for his room, his house, his family, and the world at large. I got a glimpse of this myself when Simon clapped this morning to mark the auspicious occasion of his waking up. Also very cool and charming.

I can take this, but if the kid even thinks about walking or talking when I’m not around, there will be heck to pay.

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