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Ghost Baby

As I mentioned once before, Matt and I have a disagreement over the nature of the image Simon admires when he sees his reflection in glass-particularly in the kitchen window every morning when he’s eating his breakfast.

Matt thinks it’s Ghost Baby, who choked on oatmeal years ago and is now trying to relive his baby life-or at least enjoy a nice bowl of oatmeal without being cut down in his prime.

I think this scenario is beyond morbid, and prefer to think we have Alternate Universe Baby going on. Once or twice a day, when the light is just right, Simon can see Alternate Universe Baby through an opening of the portal that separates our world from his.

Well, just in case Matt was right, I began wondering what Ghost Baby’s life might have looked like before breakfast tragedy struck. Here’s what I came up with….

Ghost Baby at Stinson Beach

Ghost Baby at Stinson Beach

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