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All Pulled Up

We had another first today: Simon pulled himself up to a stand. Yay, Simon!

Lately, we’ve been playing a 1-2-3-stand game. We both sit on the floor, I hold Simon’s hands in mine, we count aloud, and I pull him to standing on 3. After a while, he started doing some of the lifting himself, with me only nudging him along somewhat. But today, after several rounds of 1-2-3-stand, I got to 2 when Simon decided it was time to pull up and did so all on his own.

Excellent. He can stand holding on to furniture as well, but has yet to pull up on any furniture, probably because he still can’t crawl or scoot to get over to it.

Sigh. I know there’s nothing to be alarmed about here. I know he’ll develop in his own time, that boys are often slow, that he didn’t get much tummy time, etc., but the kiddo is getting beginning to fall behind those a full trimester behind him.

On the plus side, there is some real upside to Simon’s slight developmental tardiness. First, it doesn’t really matter than I installed the baby gates poorly and have now knocked both down. And second, I can still put Simon on the floor, go get something in another room, and know he’ll be where I left him when I get back.

I guess so long as a lazy baby means mama can also be lazy, it’s not so bad. Still, I’m glad he’s showing progress on other gross motor skill fronts.

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