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It’s in the Hole!

Not in the Caddyshack sense of the sentence, but in the the baby toy sense.

One of Evie’s great yard-sale finds of the summer was a toy shaped something like a short volumetric flask. The opening at the top was about the circumference of a golf ball, and the toy came with three balls to drop down the hole. The reward for getting the ball in the flask is that, upon contact with the bottom, a little song plays. I like this toy a lot and have played with it quite a bit, always eager to hear which song it will play for me next.

Simon was less enthused. He’d grab the balls, bang the balls together, taste the balls, and–lately at least–throw the balls. Until last night. For Labor Day, Matt and I worked (putting the “labor” in Labor Day), then headed over to the Whitworths’ for dinner. The guys ran out to pick up food, and Evie, Barb, and I sat down to play with Simon. Within a minute or less, as though he had been doing this his entire life, he picked up a ball, held it over the toy’s rim, and released just right to have the ball go in.

As if to demonstrate it was no fluke, he repeated the trick at least two more times. We were so proud! Then the guys returned and we excitedly went to show them Simon’s new trick. “I’m no trained seal,” Simon seemed to say as he grabbed the balls, banged the balls together, tasted the balls, and threw the balls.

I felt like the sad sap in the famous Warner Brothers cartoon whose singing, dancing frog merely sits and croaks in front of everyone but its owner. In fact, at one point he finally did repeat the trick, but Jim was in another room and Matt had his head turned. Amazing.

Simon finally made an honest mom out of me after dinner. He also cruised a bit on the couch, stood for several minutes (supported by the couch), and ate his first watermelon. All in all, a big and satisfying day for a baby.

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