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Picture coming soon to illustrate this one.

In the past week or so, Simon has taken quite a leap in his fine motor skills. He can get his stacking rings on their post in no time, and he can even gets blocks with a pretty small central hole onto a toy train with no problems.

But his new favorite pastime is putting things into a container, taking things out of a container, and rearranging objects inside a container. Today I sat on the floor with him and watched as small fabric blocks, small wood blocks, plastic rings, and balls went into and came out of a large cardboard box. Good times!

As he plays with containers, Simon is simply entranced. In fact, today I’m pretty sure he achieved what Mihaly Csikszentimihalyi calls flow: so absorbed and immersed was he in his activity that I’m pretty sure he forgot I was there and lost all sense of time.

While I’m sure this is all developmentally quite normal, all I can’t help but wonder if he hasn’t got a bit of his Bubbie in him. Because let me tell you (and Mom, you know it’s true) if there was ever a person who loved arranging and putting up objects, it’s my mom. And if Simon’s current interest translates into picking up after himself later, no one will be happier or prouder than her.

Simon, go forth and contain! And while you are at it, could you pick up our bedroom?

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