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Lights, Camera, Action!

Simon_22_resizeSimon has discovered something that is–for today at least–even more fascinating than ceiling fans: lights. Beholding this wonder, he felt it was his duty to point them out to Matt and me today. Heading into the kitchen, he pointed up to helpfully call out the fixture over the island. On the changing pad, borderline fussy, he roused himself by pointing out the lamp on the dresser. Getting into his pj’s, semi-hysterical on the bed, he managed to carry out the single longest Cryin’ Charlie of his life while also pointing up to the light overhead.

Sometimes, these gestures were accompanied by narration. We heard a lot of “la”, “lie,” and “lide” today. We may have even heard one proper “light.”

We did interrupt our light obsession today to go outside and play ball. Actually, mama had an ulterior motive. The ginkgo next door has turned a marvelous yellow and blanketed the yard with a glorious splash of color, and today we had some decent sun. I’ve been waiting for this happy confluence of events to take some fall pictures of Simon. Posted here is a close-up from one of my favorites.

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