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Bathtub Coda

I write today to offer advice no one is likely to need. But just in case and for the record…

If you’ve had a recent bathtub oopsie with your baby that may have scared him, it’s probably not a great idea to try a shower next. We did, and the result was that we had to turn off the shower pretty quickly, sit a scared baby in the tub while it filled, and watch him ball up his hands and shiver due to the (a) fear and (b) coldness.

The last time I saw Simon look like this, he was about a week old and we were giving him his first bath. It wasn’t pretty then, and it isn’t pretty now. Tonight’s bath will be nice and warm, very deep, and involve lots of toys. And mommy’s grip on him like a vice. We simply can’t afford to mess up bath time three times in a row.

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