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Boy, after months of sameness, I feel like Simon does something new every time I turn around these days. Today his something new was saying “blue” when he heard a toy say it and then playing peek-a-boo with himself.

It was around lunch time, and Simon was busy scooting around the kitchen while I cleaned up. As he scooted over to the sink area, he caught his reflection in the oven door, laughed, and then scooted over to the dishwasher to do the same. For the next five minutes or so he scooted between the two at regular intervals, always pulling up to his knees to get a better look at the hilarious baby staring back at him.

On his fifth or so trip to the oven, he realized that the dishtowels were partially obscuring his view of his favorite baby. So he pulled them down one by one and giggled each time one fell to the ground. I hung them back up a few times, then started throwing them over his head so he could pull them off and giggle some more. Finally, I suppose I was too slow on the draw because Simon reached over, grabbed a towel, threw it over his own head, and then giggled like a mad man (mad baby?) when he took it off.

At the end of this game he was so delighted with oven-door-baby’s company that he pulled back up on his knees, leaned over, and gave that baby a great big wet kiss—a kiss that left a great big splotch on the door and a great big smile on my face.

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