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Mom Who?

In the nicest of all ways, I’m being replaced as Simon’s favorite person. It is very clear to me—to be more specific, Simon is making it extremely clear to me—that his heart belongs to Grandma and Bubbie.

I know this because on Sunday, when my mom dropped by with mandel bread for us all, Simon ceased his bad mood the minute he laid eyes on her. So long as he had his Bubbie to hold him, talk to him, and play with him, all was well. And the minute she left the room, the waterworks started.

This scenario repeated itself today when Evie arrived to pick Simon up for Camp Whitworth. Simon was in a happy mood before she arrived and an even happier one once he saw her. When Evie walked out the front door to put his diaper bag and food in the car, Simon didn’t understand that she’d back for him in just a minute. He thought she had gone, and this prospect devastated him. The waterworks started in earnest, and only stopped when Evie walked back inside.

As she carried him out to the car, Matt and I both tried to get his attention to say goodbye, wave at him, and give him a little kiss. We both failed. He only had eyes for Grandma. Clearly, someone forgot to tell him that at this age, his separation anxiety is supposed to be peaking.

When I was little, I loved my mom and dad to be sure, but my grandparents were magic. It looks like Simon will have a heaping helping of the same fairy dust in his own life, and I couldn’t be more delighted for him.

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