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As most of you already know, the okcomputer.org server suffered a catastrophic disk failure back in October and my back-up scheme was, er, less than optimal. I’ve spent the last three months trying to put the pieces of the old server back together, while Jessica just started a new blog from scratch over at wordpress.com.

The holidays gave me the first real downtime since the crash, so last week I built a new server with RAID 1 disk-mirroring, installed Ubuntu Server on it and lugged it over to IgLou for colocation. Today I dug out an old laptop disk that had a blog database dump from April and managed to get it installed into an upgraded version of WordPress on the new server. A few minutes later, I had exported Jessica’s new blog and imported it into the rebuilt one. Apart from a six-month gap, some clean-up and a lot of missing pictures, we’re back in business.

In the next week or so, I’ll start rebuilding May-October 2007 from blog entries I pulled out of Google’s cache the night of the crash.

Thanks for sticking with us through the mess. The new URL should be here to stay no matter what, so be sure to bookmark it.

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