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An Epiphany

Tonight Simon made a connection for the first time between an object in a book and an object in the room. It was just before bedtime, and we were going through Pat the Bunny, Sleepy Bunny as we always do. We got to a page where Simon likes to point out a light, and as he pointed to the lamp in the picture, we said “light.”

Then, when he would normally point to a million other things on the page and have us explain them, too,  he instead looked up and pointed to the overhead light. “Light,” we called out to him.

His little brow furrowed. He again pointed to the light in the book with his right index finger, then arched back and pointed back up at the light with his left.

Simon has been able to identify lights in our house and lights in books for a while now. But this is the first time he’s made the connection that his book has pictures of objects in our house and that they both have the same name. This is probably the most mundane thing in the world, but somehow it seemed big and significant to Matt and me tonight.

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