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Cruising with Pooh

Simon CruisingSimon cruised tonight! Not a hesitant step or two around the ottoman either, but a full, confident cruise at a respectable pace.

Hurray for Stinkpot! I was so proud of him that I almost cried. Okay, I did cry a little.

We brought home a ride and walk toy from our friends the Braunsteins a couple of weeks ago. Simon likes the toy to ride on and he loves the horn, but the siren on it scares him and has made him approach the toy with caution.

Today was a Camp Whitworth day, though, and Jim and Evie have a Pooh themed walk and ride toy at their house. It’s modeled like a little plane, and when you hit a button on it you hear, in the gentlest imaginable voice, “Welcome, friends. I’m Pooh Bear. Are you ready for a ride?”

We stood Simon up in front of this, gave him his paci to let him work through his fear, and held the toy while he took his first hesitant steps. He looked something like a cross between Frankenstein’s monster and a stroke victim in rehab, but we applauded him wildly. So bolstered, Simon managed to cry (from fear) and smile (with pride) at more or less the same time as he walked behind the toy with increasing speed and steadiness.

It really, really did my maternal heart good. So much so that I brought the toy back home with us, and we treated Simon to sausage pizza (he won’t be getting that at Keneseth Israel pre-school next fall!) at Bearno’s* on the way home.

*One score and just over one year ago. Matt and I went out on our very first date at this same Bearno’s, possibly sitting in the same booth. Being back home is hilarious.

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