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He Did It!

Simon CrawlingIt finally happened! After months of waiting, wishing, hoping, and worrying, today Simon reached a baby milestone I thought I’d never see.

He crawled.

Not what you were expecting? Yea, well, that’s two of us. He’s been rocking back and forth on his knees for a few weeks now, and I kept thinking that one day he’d push himself up and walk. Frankly, at seventeen months, I just assumed the window had closed on crawling and that Simon would go straight from scooting to walking. But today he crawled just a little bit to get something beyond his reach.

What I can’t decide is whether this means walking is closer or farther away now. Is any new means of locomotion a good thing, or has he just taken a leap backwards and now is on track to walk at 22 months? I’m sure my soon-to-be good friends at First Steps, the folks who will be coming over to help out when Simon is not walking in five weeks, can tell me.

Simon with LatteOn the other first front, Simon also had his first drink of coffee today. And before you freak out, let me assure you that it was decaf. Matt brought back drinks from Heine Brothers for an afternoon break today, and, per the usual, Simon went nuts when he saw my cup. It’s not just that he loves cups. It’s that only the cup I’m drinking from will do, and he will crab and moan and bend over in frustration until he gets it or I give up and hide it.

Today I put up with this fussing until I had about ΒΌ of my latte left and I was sure it was lukewarm. Then I handed the sucker over and decided to let Simon reap what he sowed. I assumed-much as I did when I gave him his first piece of licorice-that he’d make a horrible face and want nothing to do with it after the first taste. Well, also just like The Affair of the Licorice, I was wrong. He struggled to figure out the cup since it had a lid on it, but once he got everything lined up properly he chugged away.

That’s my mom’s grandson! I’m pretty sure I was weaned onto milky coffee myself and that my mother is baffled by my own strong preference for tea.

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