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Funny or Fierce?

Simon Bad HairI honestly didn’t think this happened to babies, but today Simon suffered his first ever Bad Hair Day. Bubbie managed to fix it in the end, but I’m afraid Matt and I could hardly look at him without laughing last night and this morning.

It began with bath time. After Simon enjoyed his evening soak, featuring the now routine throwing over the edge of the bath toys, drinking of the (pre-soap) bath water, and picking up and setting down of the baby shampoo bottle (his favorite bath toy), we took him into our bedroom and nestled him within three bath towels. He was in a sleepy, silly mood, and at one point he fell backwards onto Matt.

Since the fall didn’t bother him, we played for a good 30 minutes with him lying on his back. We’d laugh as he grabbed his feet and clapped them together, and laugh some more when he’d set his pacifier in his toes and then transfer it back to his hands or mouth. And for much of the time, we giggled ourselves sick over the raspberries Simon and I blew back and forth at each other.

Then we sat him up to read a story and saw the hazards of letting his hair dry while he was reclining: his hair was sticking up every which away. It was crazy. The front was fine, but the back was a mass of swirls and wings going in eight directions at once. Matt and I giggled some more and put him down for the night without much thinking about it.

Then this morning, it had somehow gotten worse. He must have slept on his stomach and his hair must have not been 100% dry, because when he awoke the front of his head had joined the party the back started the night before. More hilarity ensued, and sometime Christian Sirianobefore Mom fixed it I began to think of another certain someone whose hair famously and fiercely also sticks up in multiple directions at once.*

So funny or fierce? You decide.

* For those of you not in the know, pictured is enfant terrible and Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano.

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