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Stair Climber

Simon on the StepsMore and more, Simon resembles the 10-11 month old babies described in What to Expect the First Year. This may sound alarming given that he’s over 18 months old, but the reverse is actually true. Those babies were supposed to be in constant motion-pulling up, knocking things over, grabbing things off tables, and generally making messes and getting into trouble. Meanwhile, Simon contentedly sat and played with his books and blocks.

By now, thank goodness, we are into our fifth week of constant motion. Simon spends a large chunk of each day doing all the messy, active things I expected him to last fall. He stands as often as he sits, and he divides his locomotion nearly evenly between butt-scooting, crawling, and cruising. Crawling is the newest piece to this puzzle, and it’s a welcome one as I know it is helping Simon build some much needed upper body strength and increase his coordination.

Tonight he finally put all his new skills together to master a new task: he climbed several stairs. I’ve been working on this for a week or so, and he’s gotten up one step to my landing a few times in the last 2-3 days. Tonight, though, he did a full climb up about four steps. Then we had to call it a night and put him to bed.

But not before we took a few pictures!

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