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Pardon the bad pun. The weave in question here refers to Simon’s pants. For some time now, my mom has told me about how I wore out my pants on the bottom as a baby because I was a butt-scooter. I also get queried about whether Simon wears his pants out on the bottom whenever people see him do his scooting thing. This entire time, I’ve thought to myself, “No, his pants are fine” or “Why would that happen?”.

Ahhhh. Now I get it. After 6 months of scooting on plush carpet or (more often) slick hardwood floors during a Louisville autumn and winter, Simon has now taken his means of locomotion to the driveway, the sidewalk, and the playground with predictably destructive results.

  • His really nice Janie and Jack gray long pants? Tear at the pocket, but wearable for play.
  • His really nice Charlie Rocket lightweight jeans? Tear on the tush, can wear a few more times.
  • His really nice Mish boys navy board shorts? Multiple tears on the tush. Ruined.

At this rate, Simon will be naked or I will be broke in no-time. Besides getting his butt up and walking, I have no good solution either. I can’t let him wear pants with greatly diminished structural integrity, because his diapers cost as much or nearly as much as his pants and shorts! I can’t keep buying nice things for him to trash. I don’t know if I can patch the tush. And they don’t make disposable pants, do they?

My not very good solution is to buy a bunch of cheap stuff from Target and pray to the walking gods that Simon gets up before he destroys everything he owns.

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  1. bgavin55 says:

    Now I know I am a total amateur – but as a Savvy Aunt, I have one idea for an approach:

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