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…Is imitation of course. Simon has begun to mimic our activities more often lately, and the results can be hilarious.

Simon fixes Pooh Example A: Last Tuesday I replaced the batteries in the Pooh Train, as the song it plays was getting a bit draggy and Simon can’t/won’t cruise behind it without musical accompaniment. (Evie compares this to the way a teenager drives, with one hand on the wheel and the other on the radio at all times.) I had to use a screw driver to take off the battery case, and once Simon saw the tool come out he wanted a part of the action. So there he sat, cheek dimpled with the effort, twisting the screw driver (sort of) into the open battery case. As the train sounded better once we both finished with our ministrations, perhaps Simon’s “help” was helpful after all.

Simon eats an appleExample B: Saturday, imitation popped up meal time. I got an apple to share for dessert after lunch, carefully cutting off bites for Simon while I bit off bites myself. After a few nibbles, Simon looked plaintively in my direction and gestured for the apple. Figuring this would be good for a laugh, I handed it over to him. Simon knew exactly what to do and dove in with surprising energy. He didn’t just get one or two bites off the core, he scraped off half the apple, maneuvered the apple to get at remaining flesh as he got close to the core in some places, and quickly learned to avoid the poles.

There are other examples as well, but these are the two that stand out the most in my mind and make me smile the widest.

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  1. bgavin55 says:

    Did I miss the blog post where Simon got a haircut?

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