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Sometimes the answer to a problem is right in front of you, but you just can’t see it. Fortunately for me, my path has crossed with someone who has a complementary problem to mine and better vision into a solution.

My problem is that I worry Simon needs more socialization than he’s getting. I’ve made it to a play group every Friday for a month now, but I still haven’t figured out Tuesdays, as my work and childcare schedule hasn’t allowed for it three weeks straight. Frankly, I don’t thing once a week will cut it, especially if Simon is to be ready for preschool in two months.

Enter Shannon. Shannon owns the shop that hosts the Friday play group and is the mother of Christopher, an eighteen-month-old boy and Simon’s favorite in the group. Shannon is worried that Christopher spends too much time in the fishbowl of her shop. She’s also reaching the point where Christopher’s “help” is getting less helpful. She could benefit from some more time to work uninterrupted. I don’t know how she’s managed this long.

At play group just over a week ago, Shannon inquired as to whether my sitter might be willing to take on a second child for a few hours each week for extra money? I asked Molly, and she was game for it. So this Wednesday, Christopher and Molly came over the house to acclimate Christopher to the place and to get the boys more used to being together. Simon smiled the whole time and Christopher cried when it was time to leave. Success!

Besides the day Molly watches the two boys, I might just go pick up Christopher for the odd afternoon myself. The shop is just a few blocks from our house, it’s delightful to see the boys play together, and I know Simon must get bored with just me sometimes. Assuming this all works out, Shannon gets a break, Christopher gets a change of scenery, and Simon gets some company and encouragement to work on his running, jumping, and climbing skills.

I’m sure the plan has some wrinkles I’m not seeing, but right now I’m feeling pretty buoyed by the idea. It takes a village indeed.

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