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Uh Oh!

Le Bump“Uh Oh!” must be one of Simon’s favorite words. We hear it most mornings when he wakes up, along with “the bus!” “ball”, and “oh no!” Specifically, we hear “Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh oh!” It’s fun to say.

Now, though, we have a context for “uh oh!” that’s less fun. Ever since Simon began to walk two weeks ago, his interest in climbing and scrambling has far outstripped his ability to climb or to detect edges. We’ve had one tumble off the bed so far and another one off some play equipment. Simon, poor guy, has one black-and-blue goose egg and another reddish raw patch to show for it.

It would seem that just when I can trust Simon to keep his clothes intact, I now have to worry about his face! A friend recommended a parenting book called “The Wisdom of the Scraped Knee” to me just yesterday. I’m thinking that could be just what the doctor ordered for me, because I have to say that two tumbles resultinig in tears and ice bags are making me feel more negligent than wise.

But hey, he’s still pretty. And it’s still way better than butt scooting!

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